How marijuana survived the War on Drugs and decades of unjust prohibition

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by

When you think about how many people have considered marijuana evil over the past century or so, it’s nothing short of spectacular that the plant has managed to survive all this time. With an entire political and financial deck stacked against it, support for cannabis is stronger now than ever before — and it’s only growing. So how, in light of all of the issues surrounding it, did marijuana manage to not only survive, but actually rise in popularity?

Perhaps the most significant reason is that cannabis boasts numerous health benefits. Every day, more and more Americans are exposed to the medicinal properties of cannabis. In a time when a staggering amount of people are leaving pharmaceutical drugs in the rear view mirror, it makes sense that a natural — actually beneficial — solution to illnesses has been championed.

Still, many proponents of marijuana use it recreationally, to either relax or enhance their mood. While this is still illegal in most states, it’s become more and more acceptable in recent decades. Starting with the stoner comedy boom of the late 1970s, “stoners” are now a major part of American culture. And while they’re often portrayed as idiotic comedic relief characters in cinema, they certainly helped reverse the way manner people in the country felt about people who used cannabis.

The complete lack of difficulty it is to grow, transport and hide marijuana also contributed to its survival. Considering that you can grow your own cannabis plant in your home, marijuana is easily accessible. Since marijuana is generally grown illegally, this is a major factor in its ability to withstand the test of time.

The more people that learn the truth about marijuana, the more likely it is to receive full legalization within the next decade. Continue to spread honest, fact-based information about cannabis and all the good it can do in the world. One day it will be legalized in our country — and all Americans will discover the benefits we’ve been missing out on.




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