Once Trump wins, he needs to purge the entire federal government of all criminals and traitors

Thursday, July 28, 2016 by

Despite what the liberal-bought mainstream media outlets want you to believe, Donald Trump still has a very good chance of being elected this fall. While he isn’t necessarily rising in the polls, Hillary Clinton is absolutely plummeting. With every new scandal surrounding Crooked Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, Trump does better and better on paper.

With every passing day, the initially unlikely candidate seems more and more likely to be the next President of the United States.

If and when he is elected, Trump needs to immediately purge the entire federal government of all the corrupt criminals and traitors. Thanks to the recent emails leaks, we now know — without a single doubt — that the DNC is corrupt. They’ve been conspiring against Bernie Sanders — even going as far as to attack his Jewish heritage — and have offered monetary benefits to those who donate large sums to the organization. Basically, they are the corrupt corporation they constantly claim to be fighting against.

Should Trump end up in the White House, it’s imperative that he remove these people from the federal government. They clearly cannot be trusted anymore and will only continue to inspire against both the Trump administration and the American people in general. We’ll be relying on Trump — or libertarian candidate Gary Johnson — to clean up the entire political sphere.

There’s no way Crooked Hillary will solve anything, given the fact that she’s perhaps the most corrupt candidate of all time. Not even the horrendously biased mainstream media can protect her from herself. She attracts scandals like a magnet because she’s an inherently corrupt person.

If there’s anything America needs in 2016, it’s a shakeup. A Donald Trump presidency would provide exactly that as he is the antithesis of the corrupt, shady, career politicians that have comprised an apparent majority of the federal government for far too long. Should Hillary lose, we could experience a legitimate political revolution. Let’s hope so, at least.






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