Dead serious: Clinton’s VP Tim Kaine often defended rapists and murders as a lawyer

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 by

No matter what great lengths politicians go to in order to keep their shady pasts a secret, the truth always comes out. In the age of the internet — when centuries of information are available right at your fingertips — there’s no hiding the truth for long.

Thus is the case for Hillary Clinton’s Vice President selection Tim Kaine.

On the surface, Kaine — much like Trump’s running mate Mike Pence — is a dull, lifeless choice that seems to have been chosen solely to make Hillary look like more of a viable, balanced candidate. As soon as you begin to dig into his past, however, it becomes clear why he’s a legitimate problem for the betterment of our country.

In 1983, shortly after Kaine graduated from law school, the young attorney took on an extremely controversial case.

Richard Lee Whitley had just confessed to murdering his elderly neighbor and then sexually assaulting her with multiple umbrellas — an act that elicits quite a horrific image in one’s head. Whitley was justifiably facing execution from a death row sentence.

Kaine, who is staunchly anti-death penalty, decided to take the case in order to save Whitley’s life. Though Kaine was ultimately unsuccessful — and Whitley was put to death in 1987 — this case was the first of many that Kaine took in an attempt to save the lives of murderers and rapists.

Do you really want a man protecting the lives of the world’s most disgusting human beings serving as Vice President of the United States? Considering how awful Hillary Clinton is, it’s quite an achievement that Tim Kaine still looks incredibly shady beside of her. But he does.

These insane leftists continue to push their anti-capital punishment agenda while simultaneously judging every single person around them. They demonize law-abiding Americans while protecting the lives of the absolute scum of the earth. It’s time to call them on their hypocrisy.




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