09/14/2017 / By Mike Adams

A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added

08/19/2016 / By D. Samuelson

The National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM 200o), also known as The Kissinger Report, is a 123-page memo published December 10, 1974,

07/05/2016 / By D. Samuelson

In early 2016, Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel accepted a part time position in a venture capital firm that invests heavily in the healthcare sector. ‘Ole

06/14/2016 / By D. Samuelson

Oh, the mystery of life. Its complexity and wonder is astonishing to behold. We rush about without thought of our heartbeats or

05/11/2016 / By D. Samuelson

On February 26, 2014, a public hearing was held under the direction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Tokyo, Japan

04/15/2016 / By D. Samuelson

Never underestimate the urgent wickedness of the demonic forces behind those who control the world – or think that they do.

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