The coming financial collapse of PENSION programs across America (Audio)

* Pension programs across America are under-funded by $3.4 trillion.

* The strategy for pension programs is to cook the books and then, when they can no longer cover up the financial facts, claim to be “too big to fail” and demand a bailout.

* Pensions all across America are going into default. How many pension plans can the federal government bail out?

* Most of these pensions provide monthly retirement incomes to former government workers.

* The government repeatedly LIES to you about all economic numbers and debt numbers.

* Government is in the business of making promises they can’t keep! This includes pension promises.

* If you are relying on a government pension for your retirement, you may need to rethink how reliable that is.

* Consider ways to increase your income or lower your cost of living.

* How much is your pension worth if the dollar collapses?

* You need some REAL assets as a backup.

* What’s real? Gold, silver, land, ammo…

* Can you cash out your pension and invest it in something that’s REAL?

* It is a mathematical fact that most people who are owed pension money will never receive it.

* Only a few will be able to ever collect what they are owed: An underfunded pension is a Ponzi scheme.

* All Ponzi schemes collapse. It is a mathematical certainty.

* Count on the system failing now, and you may avoid being victimized by it.

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