Top 5 reasons why people love to own their own AR-15s

Americans love our AR-15s. Among gun advocates, they’re one of the most popular firearms on the market and for very good reason. Regardless of what your reasoning behind owning a firearm is, the AR-15 fits the bill and will not disappoint. Here are five reasons why.

1.) They’re perfect for home defense

With its clean accuracy and pistol-grip, the AR-15 is a logical choice for a home protection firearm. When timing is everything, it’s extremely important to have a weapon that one can aim quickly and fire efficiently. That describes the AR-15 to a T.

2.) Hunters and farmers utilize them well

AR-15s are extremely popular among hunters and farmers,mostly due to how well-rounded they are. Instead of toting around multiple firearms, those venturing around the woods can simply carry the AR-15, which can be used to protect yourself and livestock from any predators that may be lurking around. Even though uneducated liberals claim that AR-15s aren’t hunting rifles, they’re a favorite for many deer hunters.

3.) They’re an excellent choice for beginners seeking gun education

Despite being labeled as a dangerous killing machine, the AR-15 is an excellent rifle for beginners. There’s little kick and not much of a learning curve, making it an unintimidating and valuable firearm for those who may not have the strength or grip needed to accurately fire a higher-powered rifle. Children as young as seven have been known to fire the AR-15 accurately and efficiently.

4.) Their light weight makes them a smart choice for women and the elderly

Due to its light weight and small kick, the AR-15 is the perfect choice for those with smaller frames, such as women and the elderly. Don’t let its intimidating appearance fool you, this is a firearm that can be used by anyone.

5.) They’re easy to use and have wonderful accuracy

It can’t be overstated: the AR-15 is extremely accurate. This is perhaps the most important trait of any firearm, and it’s one of the top reasons the AR-15 is such a popular choice. You know when you pull the trigger, the bullet is going to fire in the direction you intended. No matter what firearm you’re operating, that is absolutely integral.




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