State university in Houston actually suspended a student VP for saying ‘#AllLivesMatter’

Just when you think political correctness has reached a peak of stupidity, the Regressive Left raises the ceiling even higher.

Need proof? Look no further than Texas, of all places, where University of Houston SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi was recently suspended for 55 days after she made a Facebook post that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and instead promoted All Lives Matter.


Sethi posted the statement on the night of Dallas shooting, when five police officers were murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest. She was justifiably angered by the events that took place — something that nobody can fault her for. Sethi later clarified her comments in a lengthy Facebook post.

What does it say about our society that we’ve become so intent on everyone being a member of this bizarre hive mind that we’re now punishing anyone who has a different opinion? Sethi’s statement wasn’t even overtly offensive. She criticized one political movement in support of another political movement. Whatever happened to a free exchange of ideas?

The problem here seems to be that people associate Black Lives Matter with every dark-skinned person to ever walk the face of the earth, which is simply an unfair assessment. Many people of color have denounced the movement for not being inclusive of all races, which is why many have begun using the All Lives Matter hashtag, much like Sethi.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that Sethi — who, by all accounts, appears to be an intelligent and motivated young woman — is being punished for expressing herself in a public forum. How is our generation ever going to survive if we can’t even handle a difference of opinion?

If all leaders were removed from their positions every time they said something that upset a group of people or made someone feel uncomfortable, none of our great leaders would be in positions of power — and that’s alarming.



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